Cavity Ring-Down

Determination of the Reflectivity and Transmittance of Low Loss Optical Components

Reflectivity values R > 99% and transmittance values T > 99% of Low Loss optical components can be measured very exactly by Cavity Ring-Down time measurements. Compared to measurements in a photospectrometer this method has three main advantages:

  • it is applicable for very high reflectivities und transmittances
  • it is impossible to get measurement values which are higher than the real ones
  • it has a very high accuracy

YAG undotiert Transmissionskurve
Basic CRD Measurement Setup
YAG undotiert Transmissionskurve
YAG undotiert Transmissionskurve

LAYERTEC comes with various Cavity Ring-Down systems with which the quality of optical components is controlled steadily. For more detailed information please see our catalog content “Introduction to Low Loss optics and Cavity Ring-Down Time Measurements”.

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