Laser Rods, Laser Discs & Slab Crystalls

Laser Rods

Active media are required to generate laser radiation. These are either solids, gases or liquids. At LAYERTEC you can obtain active laser media as solids in different shapes according to individual requirements — as laser rod, laser disk or as slab crystal.

Laser Rods

Laser rods can be manufactured and finished with laser-suitable polishes in the company's own optics production facility at the customer's request. We primarily coat rods up to 20 cm in length as customer provisions with complex coating systems for experimental questions.

Laser Discs

LAYERTEC is also capable of producing laser discs. All common laser-active materials can be processed and polished down to a substrate thickness of around 100 µm. Then, these substrates can be coated with custom optical coatings designed for an optimal trade-off between reflectance, heat dissipation and curvature compensation for the respective disc laser.

Slab Crystalls

LAYERTEC produces slab crystals from all common laser-active materials. Customized shapes and laser-compatible polishes are manufactured in LAYERTEC's precision optics facility. In addition to the optically functional coatings on the side surfaces, a solderable metallization can be applied to the outer surfaces.