Off-Axis parabolic mirror

The term asphere means "non-spherical". It is used for all rotationally symmetrical and non-rotationally symmetrical optics. Possibilities for specifying aspherical surfaces are described in DIN ISO 10110-12.

Using ultra precision CNC machinery, LAYERTEC manages to process surfaces zonally so that the tool works on one point at a time. The possible surface forms and tolerances are only limited by the precision of the machine and the measurement equipment.

LAYERTEC offers a variety of aspherical optics within the specification limits listed in the table below:

Total Diameter25 – 560 mm< 0.1 mm
Inspection Range< 550 mm
Total Thickness< 100 mm< 0.1 mm
Sagittal height< 50 mm
Centering Error< 50 µm
Tilting Error< 30"
Surface form tolerance (PV)< λ/4 (< λ/10 on request)
Roughness*< 4 Å (< 2 Å on request)

*valid for measurements with optical profilometer taking into account spatial structures in the 0.65 – 55 µm range.

Aspheric Surface