Fiber Coatings

Fiber coating

Fiber optics deals with the transmission of optical signals via optical fibers, e.g. fiber optic cables. The greatest losses in optical fibers occur when the laser beam is coupled in and out. To minimize these, the fiber ends are coated. With the appropriate coating, a defined wavelength range can be coupled out if required (e.g. with fiber lasers).

In addition to optics for lasers, we also offer fiber coatings. The following coatings on whole fiber ends (not including connectors and termination), ferrules and splices are possible:

AR coating to reduce coupling losses
PR-coating to couple out a certain amount of light from the cavity, also available as low loss, e.g. T(0°, 1550 nm) ~20 ppm
HR coating to build up a cavity within a fiber.
For this purpose, proven mounts for coatings are available or can be customized.