Input & Output Couplers

Highly reflective mirror with dielectric coating

Input coupler and output coupler are essential components of the laser resonator. On the one hand, the input coupler ensures that the laser beam of the pump laser enters the cavity from the outside and excites the active medium there. In addition, a highly reflective layer enables the emitted photons to be held in the cavity until a sufficiently high laser power is reached for outcoupling. The outcoupling mirror is characterized by a lower reflectivity than the in-coupling mirror.

LAYERTEC manufactures input and output mirrors in the spectral range of 157 – 4500 nm that are specially tailored to the customer's operating conditions. In addition to the accuracy of the output coupler for the desired wavelengths, such systems can also be optimized with respect to damage threshold, GD or GDD curve or bandwidth. Likewise, output couplers can also be combined with additional HR options at other wavelengths, for example.

Input and output coupler
  Schematic drawing of a laser cavity with input and output coupler