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LAYERTEC Service & Support

We will always try our best to assist and help our customers with their components.

For standard tasks we provide certain online services, some of them are still under construction at present. Among others they include downloading measurement reports, a request form, as well as a feedback form. These services guarantee a short response time and an improved workflow.

For any question beyond that or if you wish personal advice, please do not hesitate to contact us

  • by telephone at +49-(0)36453-744-0 or
  • by an email to ''

Download Measurement

LAYERTEC delivers all articles with a measurement report attached. If you lost this report or it is not available for any reason, you can download it from here.

Request Form

For any questions about our products or additinal information we provide a standard request form.

Feedback Form

Nobody is perfect and so are we. You can help us to improve the service of LAYERTEC by completing our survey. We appreciate any feedback.

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