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Datasheet for Article #102114

Article description:
Laser Mirror: FS, pl-concave, Ø=12.7-0.1mm, te=6.35±0.1mm, S1:L/10, S2:L/4, r2=500mm, HR(0°,620-680nm)>99.97% T~0.01%(Low Loss)

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Detailed Parameters
Material Fused silica
Form pl-concave
Diameter/Thickness Ø=12.70(-0.10)mm, t=6.35(±0.10)mm
Wedge <5min
Front Side (S2) Rear Side (S1)
Radius 500(±0.5%)mm
Surface Flatness 3/0.5 (L/4) 3/0.2 (L/10)
Surface Quality 10-5 scratch-digs 10-5 scratch-digs
Coating HR(0°,620-680nm)>99.97% T~0.01%(Low Loss)
Explanation of abbreviations t Thickness tc Thickness Center
te Thickness Edge FS Fused Silica FS(IR) Fused Silica for IR
HR High Reflectivity (maximum possible) HRp High Reflectivity for p-polarization PR Partial Reflectivity (certain value)
AR Anti Reflection Coating s,p,r Polarization: s-pol, p-pol, random pl-convex plane - convex
R 50 CC Radius 50mm cav R 50 CX Radius 50mm vex 3/0.2 Flatness L/10 (ISO ...)


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