Juliane Hoppe
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Your job in photonics

LAYERTEC from Mellingen - between Jena and Weimar: innovative and socially committed.

We are a diverse team of physicists, precision opticians, CNC specialists, IT experts, career changers and generalists. We develop and produce optics for high-power lasers, which are used in medicine and cell phone manufacturing, among other applications. We are united by the constant desire to push the boundaries of what is technically possible in the field of photonics, or at least to support our team of experts in doing so. We value open, friendly and respectful communication across all levels.

The photonics industry is continuously growing and customers appreciate the quality of our optical components. For this reason we are constantly expanding our range of services and are looking for motivated team members.

Please note: our company language is German. It would be ideal if you master German at level B2. Our job postings are also written in German. If you are interested, you can find them here.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!