Large Scale Optics

Quality control of large scale optics
Examples for large scale optics

LAYERTEC offers large scale optics which are used for a variety of applications in industry (material processing, measurement, semiconductor industry, display production), science, medical and other areas. In cooperation with the customer LAYERTEC develops large optical components from prototype to serial production. To ensure the guaranteed specifications, LAYERTEC uses a variety of manufacturing and inspection technologies.

Optical Components

Planar optics
Aspheres, off-axis parabola
Free-form optics

Accuracy and quality of surfaces

Planarity up to λ/20
Polishing level 4
Roughness Rq ≤ 0.5 nm
Surface defects down to 1 ppm of checking area

Technologies for substrate fabrication

CNC grinding up to 2000 mm
Polishing (CNC and classical) up to 2000 mm
Interferometry (flat and cylindrical surfaces) up to 2000 mm
Roughness measurement (tactile and optical) up to 2000 mm
Multi-sensor coordinate measuring up to 2000 mm
Ultrasonic cleaning technology up to 1200 mm

Optical Coating Technologies

IAD up to 1200 mm
Magnetron-sputtering up to 600 mm
Characterization of optical coatings (OPO-CRD, PCI, LIDT)