Different Lens Types
Lens with Gold rim and D-Cut

Optical lenses are components that deflect a light beam by means of light refraction. Among other things, they are needed to focus the laser beam. Lenses with at least one convex surface are called converging lenses because they focus the light. Diffusing lenses consist of at least one concave surface and diffuse the light. Meniscus lenses have a concave and a convex interface.

We manufacture spherical lenses and aspheres from all common optical glass materials. Various crystals such as calcium fluoride, YAG, silicon or zinc sulfide are also processed.

All lens shapes can be manufactured in the company's own optical production facility:

  • • plano-convex
  • • plano-concave
  • • biconvex
  • • biconcave
  • • menisci

For spherical lenses, diameters from 5 mm to 400 mm are possible in combination with any radii of curvature. Centering is carried out on customer request. Diameters of up to 300 mm are possible. We achieve an accuracy of up to 1 minute. Geometries with D-Cut or angular shapes can also be produced.

Cylindrical lenses can be produced with edge lengths from 10 mm to 1100 mm. Various radii of curvature are also possible here.

On request, the lens edges can also be polished and/or metallized.