Ultrafast Mirrors

An ultrashort laser pulse contains a large number of synchronized individual waves of different wavelengths. When the pulsed laser beam passes through an optical system, the wavelength-dependent delay (dispersion) of the individual waves causes differences in propagation time. As a result, the laser pulse broadens and the pulse energy decreases. For laser systems of this kind, optics are required which cancel out these differences in propagation time (GDD).

Broadening of the laser pulse according to optics

LAYERTEC has been producing chirped mirrors for European research and development institutions and laser manufacturers, among others, since 1996. In several hundred scientific publications on the development of short pulse laser techniques LAYERTEC is mentioned as a supplier of customized components.

Chirped dielectric systems are sputtered at our company and thus achieve very good long-term stability in their optical properties. The following aspects have to be considered:

Complex chirped coating systems should be applied to simple substrate geometries with functional areas as small as possible. We coat round optics with a diameter of 12.7 mm – 25 mm or rectangular optics with incident areas of 10 x 40 mm2 – 15 x 45 mm2 as standard.

Customized substrate geometries are possible.

We have measuring stations to determine the dispersion of planar chirped optics in the wavelength range of 250 – 1700 nm.