Silberspiegel - Beispiele

Silver coatings combine a broad region of reflectivity with a nearly negligible value of dispersion. Because the silver coating is prone to corrosion, it is usually manufactured with a protective layer on top of it. The thickness of this layer gives a variation in the reflectivity and can be optimized for a certain wavelength region.

The first example shows this case for 600-1000nm. Please note that all curves are calculations based on our production designs and are only meant as principle curves.

It is possible to shift the spectrum about a customer specific amount.

Enhanced Silver Mirrors - Examples

Furthermore it is possible to enhance the silver coating with a dielectric mirror on top of it. In principle this mirror increases the reflectivity around the center wavelength but also leads to an increased GDD. The reflectivity of enhanced silver mirrors also depends on the angle of incidence. In contrast to a single protection layer, there are more variants to make an enhancend silver coating.

The following two examples show a coating optimized for maximum bandwidth for the price of a fair reflectivity. The other example shows a coating optimized for high reflectivity for the price of a reduced bandwidth.