Resonator Mirrors for weak Laser Lines

Resonator mirrors

Neodymium-doped crystals exhibit laser transitions at different wavelengths. However, these are of different strengths. If laser radiation is to be emitted corresponding to the wavelength of a weaker laser transition, the laser lines of the stronger ones must be suppressed.

LAYERTEC offers a variety of laser mirrors where the 1064 nm laser line as the strongest laser transition is suppressed to achieve efficient lasing at other wavelengths. In dependence of the laser setup all coatings are designed and manufactured according customer specifications.

Laser LineSecond HarmonicLaser LineSecond harmonic
946 nm473 nm915 nm457 nm
1064 nm532 nm1064 nm532 nm
1123 nm561 nm1340 nm670 nm
1319 nm659 nm

Reflectance spectrum
Fig.  Reflectance spectrum of a dual wavelength mirror for a weak laser line and its second harmonic, with high transmittance for the pump wavelength and the strongest laser line