Bauteile für die zweite Harmonische der Nd:YAG und Nd:YVO4 Laser

The harmonics of Nd:YAG and Nd:YVO4 lasers are widely used for materials processing as well as for measurement applications. Moreover, the second harmonic of the Nd:YAG laser is often used as pump source for Ti:Sapphire lasers. On these pages we introduce optics for 532nm: dual wavelength mirrors, separators, thin film polarizers and non-polarizing beamsplitters, but also cavity optics for compact diode pumped lasers of different configurations. All designs are calculated according to customer specification.

dual wavelength cavity mirrorFigure 1: Reflectance spectra of a dual wavelength cavity mirror with high transmittance for the pump wavelength (808nm) (a) and a dual wavelength turning mirror (b)
separators for the second harmonic from the ground wavelengthFigure 2: Reflectance spectra of separators for the second harmonic from the ground wavelength:
(a): HR(0°, 1064nm) > 99.9% + R(0°, 532 + 808nm) < 3%
(b): HRs+p(45°, 532nm) > 99.9% + Rs+p(45°, 808 + 1064nm) < 2%
thin film polarizerFigure 3: Reflectance spectra of a thin film polarizer (a) and of a non-polarizing beamsplitter (b) for 532nm with Rs=Rp = 50 ± 2% (|Rs - Rp| < 3%)

separator for the third harmonic and the second harmonicFigure 4: Reflectance spectra of separator for the third harmonic from the second harmonic and the ground wave (a) and of a dual wavelength turning mirror for 355nm and 532nm (b)

The transmission of thin film polarizers for p-polarized light can be measured with high accuracy by a modified cavity ring down setup.
HR mirror for 1064nmFigure 5: Reflectance spectrum of a HR mirror for 1064nm which is also an output coupler for 532nm: HR(0°, 1064nm) > 99.9% + R(0°, 532nm) = 99%

For common specifications of separators for the harmonics in the UV spectral range please see table on this site. Please do not hesitate to contact us for separators or mirrors with other angles of incidence.

Coatings on Nonlinear Optical Crystals

HR mirror for 1064nmFigure 6: Reflectance spectrum of a dual antireflection coating on KTP
for 532nm and 1064nm

Nonlinear optical crystals are the key elements for frequency conversion. LAYERTEC offers a variety of coatings on crystals like KTP and lithium niobate. For more information on coatings on crystals see pages 92 – 93 in our catalog